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Taxes Significantly Reduce Returns (Morningstar Data 1926-2018)

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Shiller P/E ratio is still far away from lows in the past


U.S. Equity valuations appear high relative to rest of the world


Politics Don't Matter: Stay Fully Invested (Bloomberg Data 1937-2019)

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The Notional Amount of Global Negative Yielding Debt is Declining Quite Fast (Bloomberg 2016-2020)

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Total Market Cap/GDP


Average of the four Valuation indicators (Geometric)


The Longest Economic Expansion on Record (Oxford Economics 2020)

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Life Expectancy vs. Health Expenditure (World Bank Data 1970-2015)

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Politics Don't Matter: Historically a Divided vs. Unified Government Both Perform Well (Bloomberg Data 1937-2019)

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