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P/E compression is the primary driver of international underperformance


Brexit: UK to leave the EU

Brexit: UK to leave the EU


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Before we comment on Brexit, let’s look at the top Google questions in UK on the European Union (EU).

Interest rates are at inconceivable levels

8 Charts of the Markets

Interest rates are at inconceivable levels

Should you be paying a bank to hold your money?

In this newsletter we will investigate the worldwide phenomenon of low / negative interest rates and their effect on your investments and lifestyle.

15 Popular ways that will help you reach your dreams

15 Popular ways that will help you reach your dreams

It’s almost 2017… do you have a customized financial plan to help you reach your goals and dreams?

Surprising and remarkable results of the U.S. election

Surprising and Remarkable Results of the U.S. Election

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Top 10 funds 2017

How Are Your Mutual Funds Performing?

8 years ago, on March 9th 2009, U.S. stocks reached a low following the great financial crisis.  There are thousands of mutual funds investing in U.S. stocks. Unfortunately, the majority perform poorly compared to indices like the S&P 500, Dow Jones...

Let's go global

Let's go global


Executive Summary

• 2012-2013 should provide investors with good opportunities to buy cheap non-U.S. stocks.

• Diversification is important. It is not the time to sell international/emerging markets stocks.

Foreign financial accounts

Foreign Bank Account Report due April 2017


Great money quotes

10 Great Money Quotes To Reach Your Dreams


Who do you trust more?

Who Do You Trust More? The BFM Difference.

BFM can help you plan your financial future with conflict-free advice.

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