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BFM is a Registered Investment Advisor and focuses on your needs. Discover another video on why a fiduciary standard is important.



BFM takes a personalized view of your entire financial health and goals. BFM starts with finding your "why". BFM is conflict-free and acts in your best interest.


Straightforward Fee

BFM never accepts commissions, as that would compromise the integrity of our advice. BFM has a flat fee structure (typically $200-$600 per month).


  • Are you satisfied with your investment performance?
  • Have you thought about your life goals and how to achieve them?
  • Do you have the time, desire, or knowledge to grow your wealth?
We provide you with holistic and effective advice to help you reach your goals, make smarter financial decisions, and prepare you for the certainty of uncertainty during life transitions.
If you are not sure  what do to, talk to a trusted and proven investment professional.


We give you relevant, personalized, and wise advice.
We don’t sell products.



Patrick Bourbon, CFA, CFP®

patrickbourbon-headshot.jpgPatrick is your personal Chief Financial Officer. He is knowledgeable in preserving and growing your wealth, as well as risk management, asset allocation, and mutual funds / ETF selection having relationships with more than 400 investment managers and having selected funds / ETF for more than 20 years. His aspiration is to make sure that you have enough assets as long as you live so that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement at your chosen lifestyle. 

Patrick's main goal is to give you the best tools possible to improve your financial decisions given your loss tolerance. He provides wisdom, knowledge and customized strategies in order to make effective diversified investments. He explains the possibilities so that you can make wiser and better long-term decisions depending on your unique situation. He hopes to bring organization to your financial life.

French by birth, Patrick has personal experience with the life and technical financial planning opportunities and challenges faced by expatriates (around 50% of his clients are Europeans living in the U.S. or Americans living abroad). He has lived overseas half his life, visited 40 countries, and enjoys a cross-cultural marriage. He helps you reach your global goals, and go beyond the legal complexity and cross-border tax/currency planning.

Patrick’s passion for investments started in his early teens, when his mother took him for visit of the Paris stock exchange. At that time, he was given a $2 bill. From that point on, he became fascinated by currency management and he started to check its value in French Francs every week. His interest in stocks grew when he created an investment club in 1997.

Patrick strongly believes in giving back to Chicago. He is very engaged in Chicago's civic community, actively serving as chairman of Stuart Investments, member of the Board of Advisors of the Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and the treasurer of the South Shore Drill Team. Since 2006, he has been the President of UFEC/AFFC. In 2014, he was elected “Conseiller Consulaire” with the Consulate of France.

Patrick loves sports. For 10 years, he has participated in ski and tennis competitions, winning more than 25 contests. Competition has taught him concentration, persistence, discipline, self-control, humility, and confidence. It has helped him understand that defeats / failure experiences are to be expected and are good learning opportunities. Ultimate success can be attained by learning from past experiences. Sports and its mental side was a constant positive and influence in his life. Sometimes, the main adversary is yourself. Like in entrepreneurship, you need discipline and determination to compete. Move quickly from past mistakes or you will miss opportunities.

He enjoys wine tastings (Pomerol and Champagne are his favorites) and traveling. So far, he’s been to more than 30 countries and speaks English, French, and Spanish. He also studied Japanese, Russian and Greek. Patrick also has a French accent that he polishes every morning.

When it comes to investing, Patrick believes in discipline, precision, simplification, slowing down, independent thinking, having a systematic process, keeping questioning past decisions, being methodical, using checklists, and relying on data (what it says and what it does not say). He is focused, pragmatic, analytical, cautious, humble, and believes that there is always room for improvement and seek ways to get better.

Board of Advisors




"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Discover here a research of a hierarchy of the value a financial advisor provides. In addition, we help you generate a better “RETURN ON LIFE”:

  • We attempt to help you achieve a better life by working in concert with you by taking the time to clearly understand your background, philosophy, needs and objectives.
  • We bring objectivity to help you make better decisions, discover more options, and avoid emotionally driven outcomes.
  • We help you be prepared with a customized action plan to better manage life transitions with an interactive process.
  • We help you follow through on financial commitments.
  • We help you bring order to your financial life.

The research from Vanguard, Dalbar and Morningstar shows that a few effective financial planning techniques resulted in a substantial increase in retirement income. If you want to discover the research, why you need a financial advisor, and the benefits/added value, please click here.

“Recent Vanguard research shows that your advisor not only adds peace of mind, but also may add about 3 percentage points of value in net portfolio returns over time.” Source: Vanguard.

30-year annualized S&P return
   S&P 500 Index Average Investor
Returns   11.06% 3.79%
$100,000   $2,326,645 $305,257 

“Investor behavior is not simply buying and selling at the wrong time, it is the psychological traps, triggers and misconceptions that cause investors to act irrationally. That irrationality (loss aversion, narrow framing, anchoring, herding, regret,…) leads to the buying and selling at the wrong time which leads to underperformance.” Source: Dalbar.


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