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Maximum Drawdowns in Global Stocks vs. Bear Watch Indicators Since 1986


The Public Company Universe is Shrinking Since 1980

The Public .png

Ordinary, Long-Term Capital and Qualified Dividend Rates: Individual vs. Married Filing Jointly

Ordinary Long Term.png

Historical Top Marginal Tax Rates for Ordinary Income, Capital Gains and Qualified Dividends Since 1954

Historical Marginal.png

Economic Cycles-Length and Strength Since 1949

Economic Cycles 1949.png

P/E Ratios Since 1990

PE Ratios 1990.png

S&P 500 Last Twelve Months P/E Ratio Since 1959

PE Ratios Fell.png

Average Stock Fund Investor Return vs. Average Stock Fund Return Since 1998

Average Stock Fund.png

Global Investment Landscape: Focus on Facts, not Feelings (United States)

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