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Eurozone_ Government 10-Year Bond yields (percent) Since 1993

Eurozone, Government 10-Year Bond Yields Since 1993.png

MSCI Stock Price Indexes Since 2001

MSCI Stock Price Indexes Since 2001.png

Brent Crude Oil Price Since 1995

Brent Crude Oil Price Since 1995.png

S&P 500 Stock Price Index (Ratio Scale) Since 1922

S&P 500 Stock Price Index Since 1922.png

US Corporate Credit as % GDP

US Corporate Credit .png

US, State and Local Government Retirement Funds, 2016

United States, State and Local Government Retirement.png

Federal Outlays, Interest as % GDP Since 1940

Federal Outlays.png

Leverage Problems Since 1970

Leverage Problems.png

US 10-Year Treasury Since 2009

US 10-Year Treasury.png

Commodity Prices vs Recessions Since 1971

Commodity Prices vs Recessions.png

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