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S&P 500 Performance (Source: Charles Schwab)

September 21.png

Bulls, Bears, and Long-term Benefits of Stock Investing (Source:Dimensional)

September 20.png

S&P Historical Composite: 1871-Present--Inflation-Adjusted Regression Channel (Source: Advisor Perspectives)

September 19.png

Home Prices & Incomes (Source: US Bureau of Economic Analysis)

September 18.png

S&P Historical Composite: 1871-Present--Inflation-Adjusted Secular Highs and Lows (Source: Advisor Perspectives)

September 17.png

The Looooong Term Trend (Source: Bank of England)

September 16.png

Cumulative Total Return Percentage of $1000 Investment (Source: Real Investment Advice)

September 15.png

Real S&P 500 Vs. Valuations (Source: Real Investment Advice)

September 14.png

Housing Real Return (Source: Shiller)

September 13.png

U.S. private equity deals

September 12.png

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