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The Importance of a Long-Term Perspective (FactSet 1996-2019)


Gold vs. S&P500 Returns During Drawdown Periods


What a $1,000 investment in 2001 could be worth now (Schroders MSCI Global Index 2001-2019)


S&P 500 Drawdown (Bloomberg Data 2009-2020)

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Number of seats in US House of Representative (Cook Political Report 1997-2017)

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A Closer Look at Historical Bear Markets (FactSet 1929-2019)

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The Economies Adding The Most To Global Growth In 2019 (VisualCapitalist 2019)

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A History of Market Ups and Downs (S&P Data 1926-2016)

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Global Bank Stocks (Bloomberg Data 1995-2019)

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Feast or Famine (FactSet 1926-2019)

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