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Are You Paying the Right Amount of Taxes ?


S&P 500 Closing Price

S&P 500 closing price.jpg

S&P 500 Bull Markets

S&P 500 Bull Markets.jpg

Perception is Important.

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NYSE Average Holding Periods 1929-2014

NYSE average holding periods 1929-2014.jpg

Long Term Value Of Active Management

Long Term Value Of Active Management.jpg

L'encours du Livret A depuis 1994

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Bull and Bear Markets since 1956

Bull and Bear market since 1956.jpg

A Contrarian Thesis: Have Emerging Markets Found a Bottom?

A Contrarian Thesis Have Emerging Markets Found a Bottom.jpg

You do not Want to Base a Hedge on Historical Correlations

You do not want to base a hedge on historical correlations ....jpg

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