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Train your brain to win big!

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Train Your Brain To Win Big!

When Playing the investing game, it’s easy to let your impulse make all the wrong moves. Learning to trick yourself can help.

Why do smart people do such stupid things with their money? The answer often lies in neuroeconomics, a hybrid of neuroscience, economics, and psychology that drills down to the biological bedrock of decision-making.

Even when we think we are being rational, we are often driven by impetuous emotions of which we are barely conscious. Therefore, the keys to investing success, whether it’s for retirement or just for fun, are strategies and tricks to prevent the heat of the moment from melting your better judgment.


Ten Tricks for Better Investing :


Take the Global View

Hope for the Best-But Expect the Worst

Investigate Then Invest

Never Say Always

Know What you Don’t Know


The Past Is Not a Prologue

Weigh What They Say

If it Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Costs are Killers

Eggs Go Splat


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This newsletter was first published in August of 2010